Dale Schofield

Game Developer - Software Developer



Hi! I'm Dale Schofield, an IT student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). I have a specialization of Game Development with my IT degree program. This is the most hands-on coding specialization in the IT program at NJIT, focused on solving hard problems for interactive experiences. Not only have I learned coding across multiple languages like Python, C, C++, and C#, but I've gained experience in UX and how to create user stories, generate design documents, and keep my programs performant and optimized!

I also have a minor in Web and Mobile development. I've learned the foundations of what our internet is built on, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I've also learned about cutting-edge  technologies like React, Blazor, Webpack, and more! I enjoy both the back-end side of development, like with databases and the logic behind transforming data, as well as front-end development and making interactive experiences that look nice. Whatever my future holds for me, I'm sure I have the skills to face it confidently!

I've also been the Vice-President of NJIT's esports club, NJIT Esports, since my freshman year! I've been able to help the club grow from a small, niche group into the largest club on campus, with over 600 registered members! Our Discord server also has reached over 2,000 members, rivaling membership of entire major department Discords at NJIT! It's been a fantastic opportunity to grow as a person and learn important leadership skills. I truly believe that being the VP of NJIT Esports turned me into the best version of myself yet!

Contact Me

Want to contact me? Send me an email at schofieldd321@gmail.com! I check it regularly and would love to hear from you!